Hello my friends, welcome to my place


I will put more information about my work later on, when I make the finishing touches.

About me

My background

In the past several years I have worked with many different graphic media in a variety of jobs. My skills are varied and influenced by my background as an artist.
I like to work with many graphical tools to create new ways of seeing things and create curiosity and desire to see more.
My knowledge of the many applications gives me the freedom to create dynamic and exciting designs.
This site is intended to be inspirational. You are welcome here. You can see some of my work and learn something about me in different sections.
I work mostly on my 3D sculptures right now.

My workshop

Since the 90´s I have been working with computer graphics. I got a Multimedia degree in 1994 and since then I have worked with teaching, Web Design, and 3D.
I was employed in various companies and I was involved with different projects. Right now I work with 3D modeling and 3D print in my own workshop. I make molds and casts of my 3D printed work for sales purpose.

More About SAKENI

Work method

I am a new in the arts & handicrafts business and try to make a market for my work.
It takes a long time for me to finish each sculptural process from start to end, but I enjoy every minute of it, and I hope that it is displayed in my work and hope to give the same enjoyment to my customers. I achieve this by carefully choosing each project.

Usually, I start all my projects on the computer and develop the idea so that I can create the visual expression that I am looking for. Trying out different perspectives along the way.  When I am satisfied with the sculpture – a process that usually takes 2-3 months – then I proceed to make a 3D print of the sculpture.



After I have finished my visualization of the project and the sculpture is printed in 3D, I begin to fine tune the sculpture with traditional handicrafts tools. First, the 3D print is ground and sanded and then polished to a fine finish.  

The next step is then to make a mold out of two parts of silicone.  This mold now holds the exact contours of the sculpture itself and is then ready for casting. This process is very complicated and requires attention to detail and practice.

Lastly, the cast is made, it can be from different types of material.  I am able to produce my sculptures in 3 different materials:  Resin, Plaster & Concrete.



Work in-progress

Here you will find my latest projects designed on my computer, and pictures from my workshop

You can contact me at mads@sakeni.dk

Or call me: 45 25 52 10 57